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Solo Women Travelers has getaways for women travelers who want some time for themselves, to relax, to explore the island with friends or to find respite from a busy work schedule.

A recent survey of 1500 women showed that nearly 50% of them had taken an all-female trip in the past three years and that 88% of them had plans for another trip or would be interested in a no-men-allowed getaway, as quoted in USA Today. we strive to offer high-quality personalized service by helping you find the right travel packages, personalized service and a safe, stylish accommodation that is of value to you.

Our website is designed to encourage women to take a break and to discover Jamaica and its various resorts and things to do whilst on vacation having some fun either with your friends or by yourself!

There is absolutely no problem travelling alone in Jamaica. Please follow these simple rules which are all based on common sense.

Firstly obtain for yourself a guidebook about Jamaica or contact us should you need additional advice. This should alleviate any anxieties you might have about what to do when you get here.

Travel advice for solo women travellers