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Visa Requirements for Jamaica

Thank you for your interest in making Jamaica your island getway, whether for business or pleasure. Please note the following conditions to be satisfied for entry into Jamaica.

Please visit these links for up-to-date information on requirements for entering Jamaica.UK and Other Countries and USA Visitors

United States Citizens:

All visitors including cruise passengers must present a valid passport. No visa is required to enter Jamaica.

Entry requirements :

A valid US passport together with such other documents which will establish where you will be staying in Jamaica to the satisfaction of the Immigration Officer.

As of January 8, 2007, US citizens are required to have a passport when travelling from and to the United States to visit the Caribbean by sea or air.

You may contact the Jamaica Embassy in the US nearest your for more information on travel requirements. You can find more information at the US Department of State Website or CIBT Website for detailed information on travel requirements to Jamaica or whether you are passing through.

Canadian Citizens:

Canadian Residents are required to have a valid passport or a passport which has expired for a period which does not exceed one year.

All visitors, 16 years and older, must present a valid passport (or a passport that has expired for a period not exceeding one year provided that Canadian immigration will re-admit such person on the expired passport) or a "Statement of Live Birth" certificate with valid government issued photo ID.

No visa is required for tourists and tourists are allowed to visit the island for a period not exceeding six months. Underage (16 and younger) must present an original birth certificate (with raised seal) and a valid photo ID such as a school ID. All documents must bear the same name. Residents may use an alien registration card, however some residents may require a visa. View updated information

Entry Requirements:

a valid passport;

or a certificate of Canadian citizenship bearing a photograph of the person claiming such citizenship;

ALONG WITH an official birth certificate, if the holder of such certificate is not over 16 years of age, or if he is over that age, a birth certificate together with such other documents as will establish nationality and identity to the satisfaction of the Immigration Officer.

Canadian Residents require a valid passport or a passport which has expired for a period which does not exceed one year, together with:

a Canadian Permanent Resident Card.

a Canadian Immigration Identification record form.


UK Citizens:

Commonwealth citizens need passports (no visa is required). Citizens from these countries will need the following proof of identfication: A valid passport valid up to 6 months, a return ticket to their country of origin, proof of adequate funds to cover stay and if travelling to Jamaica supporting documentation such of letter of invitation from business contacts, itineary.

Citizens from the countries of Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sierra Leone requires a visa to enter the country. View "Do I need a visa to enter Jamaica" page

Japan Citizens:

Passport required. Visa is required for stays of over 30 days.

All other countries:

Please apply for tourist visa at a Jamaican High Commission, Jamaican embassy or Consulate. See below listing of Embassies nearest you.

All other applicants:

-must be able to support themself and their dependents;

-if desirous of entering the service of an employer, they must produce a work permit.

-should not be a person of unsound mind or mentally defective;

-should not be the subject of a certificate given to the Immigration Officer by a health officer that for medical reasons, it is undesirable for him/her to be permitted to land;

-should not have been sentenced in a foreign country for any extradition crime within the meaning of the Extraditions Acts 1870 and 1906;

-should not be the subject of a deportation order .

-must have a visa unless exempted.

-must have applied for and obtained permission from the Government of Jamaica if entry is desired for other than tourist purposes;

All prospective applicants are asked to note the possession of an airline ticket does not automatically guarantee the issue of a visa. Information provided on this website are for guidance purposes only and may not be completely accurate

View "Do I need a visa to enter Jamaica" page .

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