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Holiday Destinations :: Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Ocho Rios, Jamaica (population 8200) is the island's third most important region (second if you count cruise ship arrivals). It is located in a deep bowl backed by lushly vegetated hills and fronted by a wide, scalloped, white sand beach - UDC Beach (or Turtle Bay Beach) - and a reef-sheltered harbor.

Treasure Beach is a gem for travelers in search of the offbeat.  You'd find a more authentically charming and relaxing place in Jamaica.

Treasure Beach is the generic name given to four coves - Billy's Bay, Frenchmans's Bay, Calabash Bay, and Great Pedro Bay - that stretch for several miles south of Starve Gut Bay. Their rocky headlands separate lonesome coral-colored sand beaches. The long palm-backed curve of Treasure Beach is the node.

The area remains largely untouristed. The sense of remoteness, easy pace and graciousness of the locals (mostly farmers and fisherfolk) attract small handfuls of foreign travelers seeking an away-from-it-all, cares-to-the-wind lifestyle. Many have settled - much to local pride. To think that someone would leave behind the USA or Europe to live in their remote little place!

Treasure Beach is remote, untouched by human hands and the local folks would like it to remain so. Only the privilege few have experienced the serenity and laid back life in on the South Coast. Those who have visited have much to tell with glee the sheer pleasure of idling the days away in hammock under shaded tree, feeling the sand as it caress your feet and enjoying the heavenly scent of calm sea breeze.

In the only thing to do at nights is to hang out with the residents at the local bar or listen to pulsing reggae music in a dimly lit room shielding the privacy of young lovers. This is peace that Treasure Beach has to offer.

The Treasure Beach area offers varied accommodation to any traveler and even though its a long drive from Montego Bay or Kingston, the ride is well worth the effort. With good roads, getting to Treasure Beach is now much easier . It is no surprise that Treasure Beach is fast becoming a new destination for returning visitors to the island.

The nearest local attraction is in Black River, St. Elizabeth - The Black River Tour. Go in search of crocodiles! If the opportunity allows to get the chance of seeing one up close and maybe to feed it! Boats can be chartered from tour companies along the river or even book your seat with a local fisherman.