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Travelling along the coastal road through Yallahs and Morant Bay is pleasant and you are able to enjoy the true beauty of the parish as you pass fields of sugar cane fields and watch its residences at work.

St. Thomas is not a tourist town so accommodation is few and far between. There are many quest houses most catering to Jamaicans. St. Thomas main draw is Bath and its history. Bath is 6 miles north of Port Morant and owes its existence to the discovery of hot mineral springs in the hills behind the present town in the late 17th century. Today its a bit rundown but however draws individuals seeking a cure for whatever ails the mind and body.

Blue Mountain

To get to the Blue Mountain peak, you start your ascent from Penlyne Castle which is a base for most hikers up the mountain. Most hikers wills stay overnight at one of the two lodges before tacking the walk in the late hours in order to get to the peak for the spectacular sunrise. This is been the tradition since 1925. Hagley Gap is a also another point by which to get to the Blue Mountains. To get to Penlyne Castle and Hagley Gap you will need to get public transport from Papine in Kingston.

The trail to the peak is well maintained and you would need to be reasonable fit to tackle the hike, especially to tackle Jacobs Ladder a steep climb. As you hike , reggae music can be heard far, far below, competing with the chirps of crickets and the blinking phosphorescent semaphore of peenie wallies. Its rather pleasant to hike at nights during a full moon although it can become rather chilly. Try getting to the peak early to watch the lights of Kingston go out heralding the arrival of dawn as the sun rises. On a good day you can see Cuba out in the distance.