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Portmore, Jamaica

Portmore is linked to Kingston by the main Causeway toll road.

Just 11 miles west of the city of Kingston situated in the plains of St. Catherine and stretching for miles is the community of Portmore. It is home to an estimated 170,000 low to middle-income families. According to of that number, about 54-60 thousand live in Greater Portmore, 5000 in Independence City, 3000 in Edgewater, 2-3 thousand in Portmore Pines, 16,000 in Waterford, 2-3 thousand Hellshire. These are rough estimates based on 4 persons per household in the communities.

West of Portmore is Hellshire, a huge expanse of low hills, white sand beaches, limestone caves, salt ponds, scrubs and cactus.

The undeveloped hills of Hellshire Hills still arbour wild hogs and Jamaica Iquanas considered the rarest in the world can be found here.

Important: It is highly recommended that for tourists wishing to explore the area, please seek advice at your hotel's front desk about visiting the beaches and hills of Hellshire. We usual recommend that you be accompanied bya trusted guide who is familiar with the area.

To get to Portmore take the Causeway skirting the Kingston Freezone. The drive will bring glimpses of varied sceneries such as a collection of fishing shacks, where women sit tending their stalls, selling to stopping motorists or gossiping with their neighbour at the next stall. To your right across the Hunts Bay lagoon is the atmospheric Caymanas Park Racetrack where race meets are held every Wednesdays and Saturdays. This draws the locals from Kingston and surrounding areas.

Taking the first left off the Causeway leads you into the seaside town of Port Henderson. Lining its shores are restaurants, guest houses and motels popular with Jamaicans who drive over from nearby Kingston to enjoy fish prepared in varied forms and to enjoy the amentities of each establishment.

Stage shows and dances are also held on weekends at La Roose with local DJs and other entertainers being the main draw.

Continuing your drive along the Causeway takes you to a large round-about. Here is your first glimpse of life in Portmore. Large neon video boards (similar to those used in New York Time Square) is your first indication that you have arrived in Portmore. To your right is the Portmore Mall the largest indoor mall of its kind in the Caribbean. In front is the temporary stopping area for NTCS Executive and public buses. Further on is Megamart the largest superstore in Jamaica similar to Costco in the US and ASDA in the UK. Various banks, commercial buildings and other retailinging establishments and fast food restaurants are situated around the parameters of the large round-a-bout.

Further on is Petcom Gas Station. You will arrive at the T-Juncation. Should you decide to turn left, your journey will take you pass the community of Garvey Meade, Braeton, the volatile Naggos Head and the largest and the ever growing community of Greater Portmore with Hellshire Hills located at the end of your route.

Should you decide to turn right at the round-about, your drive takes you pass the communities of Passage Fort, Waterford, Independence City, Cumberland Gardens. Eventually you arrive at the Shell Gas Station at the end of Port Henderson Road. Here you can decide to take turn left to Greater Portmore or turn right to Spanish Town.