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Beaches and Resorts in Jamaica

Some hotels will have a section of their beach property solely dedicated to the ardent nudist. At a resort such as this you can do whatever you please in your birthday suit however these are few. The only resort destination where emphasis is on clothing option beaches and facilities arein the Negril and Ocho Rios area

Be wary of properities that does not fully explain their clothing option facilities. They may have beach access how these are open to the general public. Peak season in not condusive to nude sunbathing as this invites blatant stares and "oogling".

Private resorts with private beaches allow quests to do most activities in the clothing optional areas. Whether it may be dinning, lounging, strolling, sitting at the bar or playing volleyball in the nude. This type of accommodation is for the nudist at heart.

At notorious clothing optional resorts, singles and the married ones will vie for the attention of other singles in the crowd by participating in sexy games being put on by the hotels.

Special event happens yearly on our shores for example as a feature of its Valentine's Day Celebrations, Hedonism III which for the past two years has held two successful nude wedding ceremonies on its resort.