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Negril, Jamaica

If you love warm, crystal-clear waters and watching the setting of the sun, there is no better place than Negril, Jamaica. It wins hands down for having the best beach on the island - perhaps the best in the Caribbean. This is where you let your hair down, or braid it. You shed your cares, your sense of time - and sometimes your swimming apparel. Negril gives new meaning to casual and laidback.

Negril is Jamaica's hippest, most casual resort, with the island's longest beach (perhaps it most beautiful),' numerous hotels, ecclectic accommodation and a buzzing nightlife.

Negril (population 3000), 52 miles west of Montego Bay, is Jamaica's fastest growing resort and the vortex around which Jamaica's fun-in-the-sun vacation life whirls. Tourism is Negril's only industry.

The village is so small, however, that hotel workers are drawn from miles around. Despite phenomenal growth in recent years, Negril, Jamaica is still more laid back than anywhere else in the island (it has the only public nude beach in Jamaica), and you are more likely to interact with locals here than in other resort areas. More about Negril, Jamaica.....