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Jamaica is a year-round destination, though there are seasonal differences to consider. Weather-wise, temperature isn't an important factor in determining when to go (winter is usually warm by day and mild to cool by night; summer months are hot), but rainfall is - especially if you plan on spending time in the east coast and Blue Mountains of Jamaica.  The so-called rainy season extends from May to November, with two peaks; in May and June, and in October and November.  Although the rainy season is a little more humid than others, rain usually falls for short periods (normally in the late afternoon) and it's quite possible to enjoy sunshine for most of your visit.  In Portland parish, however it can rain for days on end. Click here to learn about the weather and get the forecast each daygreen bullet hotel

Jamaica's tourism 'high season' runs from mid December to mid-April, when hotel prices are highest.  This is the busiest (and driest) season, when 'snowbirds' from Canada and the USA flock south.  Some hotels are booked solid during Christmas and Easter, when may charge 'peak season' rates. Click here to learn about the hotel tourist seasongreen bullet hotel

You can save wads of money (40$ or more at some hotels) and will find fewer foreign visitors if you visit 'off season' the remainder of the year,  This is when Jamaicans take their vacations, more Europeans arrive ant there are relatively few North Americans.