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Options range from bumming around on the cheap to-prepaid packages at a ritzy beach resort with butlers and valets wear white gloves. Click here to see types of accommodationsgreen bullet hotel

There's nothing wrong with visiting Jamaica simply to laze on a beach, sip rum cocktails, and get a tan. Most visitors opt for this type of vacation. The island's home grown 'all inclusive' resorts provide particularly good options for escapism and are favored by North Americans. The downside is that your contact with the real Jamaica is at a minimum. The experience is a 'canned' idealized version of paradise; reggae bands, rum.

A more enriching experience comes form immersing yourself in Jamaica. Meeting Rastafarians, playing dominoes in a rum shop, exploring off the beaten track, visiting a Kingston dancehall - such experiences will allow you to know and appreciate the colorful Jamaican character. Click here see pictures of the resort towns, travelling as a single woman or as a group.