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Shoppers can find quality in-bond or duty-free merchandise at many local stores from jewellery, fragrances, linens, crystal and china and well as electronic equipment.

Resort towns feature a phethora of duty-free and in-bond shops and most upscale hotels sell duty-free items - from name-brand colognes and Gucci watches to Mont Blanc pens and Colombian emeralds (at up to 30% below US or European retail prices). The same is true of island-made products such as rums, liqueurs and cigars, which you can buy for 50% or greater savings. Prices vary between stores and resorts.

By law you must pay for duty-free goods in foreign currency. You can use credit cards or traveler's checks. In certain cases you may find that you cannot walk out with your purchase; instead, the good will be delivered to your hotel or cruise ship.

Most gift store in upscale hotels sell premium Cuban cigars. Fine handmade Jamaican cigars give Havana cigars a run for their money though. Cinfuentes y Cia Limited (a subsidiary of General Cigar Co of Connecticut) has been operating in Jamaica for over 40 years. The company specializes in premium Macanudo cigars. You can even buy direct from the factory in Kingston. You can also buy Cinfuentes or Royal Jamaica Cigars at gift shops, duty-free outlets, Kingston and Montego Bay's international airport or Jamaica Tobacco Retail Store.

Cigarettes, cigars and almost all brands of spirits can be purchased duty-free. Be sure to pickup some world-famous Blue Mountain coffee.