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home sweet home

Home Sweet Home is located on the West End cliffs in Negril.

14 rooms all with balconies or verhanda which offer up views of the Caribbean Sea and spectacular views of the setting sun in evenings.

Home Sweet Home is a small hotel providing amenities to budget travelesr seeking what they need in a holiday - relaxation in peaceful surrounding and getting immerse in beach life.

The rooms are air conditioning and have double or queen size beds with private bathrooms with shower. The accommodations also have ceiling fans, a radio and a cassette player, but no TV or phone (only suites have a phone).


The Resort Sits a Top a 60 Foot Cliff Overlooking the Crystal Clear Carribbean Sea where you can swim, dive, or snorkel in the sea below.

There's a sun deck on the property and a restaurant providing local Jamaican dishes at affordable prices.


SJC provides you with all of the tools to plan the perfect vacation in any resort town of your choice.

Home Sweet Home


- Phone Service
- Restaurant
- Bar
- Outdoor pool
- Jacuzzi
- Laundry Facilities
- Parking Facilities

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