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A guest house is the lodging of choice for persons on a budget looking to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Jamaica. You will have the amentities of a small hotel however with a more personalized feel. You will find that you are more in contact with the locals and will interact more with the owners of the guest house property at which you stay. Inns are still another world for guest houses in Jamaica. Browse now guest houses and Inns in the various resort towns of Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Kingston, Port Antonio and the rest of the island.

Guest houses are the lodgings of choice for Jamaicans when traveling around Jamaica. Usually they're small, fairly simple, no-frills, family-run properties, with a live-in owner who provides breakfast and sometimes dinner. What they lack in facilities they make up for in character - or at least, they should

Unfortunately, the term 'guesthouse' is much abused in Jamaica. Some so-called guest houses are no more than a couple of dingy rooms with shared bathrooms (most guesthouses have shared bath). Others are self-contained apartments. Still others are indistinguishable form hotels or faceless motels. Standards and prices vary enormously. A few offer their version s of all-inclusive packages.

If what you need is a roof over your head, guest houses are an inexpensive option for value-wise lodgings, and they're good places to mix with locals. Don't expect to be right on the beach though.

The Jamaica Tourist Board publishes an annual 18-page Inns of Jamaica Catalogue, which also includes JTB's fly-drive packages offering vouchers for 48 participating inns. Several newspapers list guest houses in their classified sections.