USA Reservations: 1-888-254-0637
Europe 1-210-507-5997



Do you have domestic flights that fly between Montego Bay-Negril-Ocho Rios and Kingston?

Air Jamaica Express, once the prefered choice for flying between each points is no longer in operation. Air Jamaica instead is now providing domestic flights between Kingston and Montego Bay ONLY. Say a flight is going to England or the USA leaving from either the Kingston or from Montego Bay Airports. The flight will leave from Kingston, stop in Montego Bay for 1/2 hour to let off domestic travellers before proceeding on to its final destination. The same is done by domestic travellers getting on to a USA flight that has stopped in on Montego Bay to pick up passengers destined for Kingston.

To make a booking you will need to call Air Jamaica reservation office to make your reservation by calling 876-922-3460. Alternatively you can check rates by using the reservation system available at their website A one way transfer is estimated to cost about US$60 plus taxes.

Consider using ground transfer. You will require to use private charter for other domestic destinations


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