See Jamaica Cheaply was founded in 1996 as a hobby by a native Jamaican who was concerned with the information provided to visitors by overseas travel agents who knew little about the country.

Being a keen travel enthusiast (having visited much of North American and Europe) and learning first hand what seasoned and first time travelers from other countries desired in an island vacation, this Jamaican with no prior knowledge of web designing created

Weekly trips were made to various parts of the island, where little known hotels and villas were discovered and place of interested highlighted. Relationships were built with small hoteliers and managers of various properties and the data gathered were posted online to help assist site visitors with their travel plans. The information provided was sound and factual. It pointed potential travelers in the right direction and help in making informed decisions.

The growth of See Jamaica Jamaica was slow. It realized its potential when various partners came on board to help the site to become what it is today. In 2003, major revamping of the site was done. Emphasis was placed on the overall look of the site and to better the online browsing experience. We are now pleased to offer an online booking reservation system which taps directly into the worldwide reservation database used by airline and travel agencies. The site now encompass everything that is Jamaica related from hotel reservation to flight bookings and car rental services backed by knowlegable staff in call centers located in the USA, Jamaica and Europe.